Sunday, March 23, 2014

First post in Leeds.

Hello! I have been MIA from my blog for sooo long.
Been enjoying myself and trying to settle down in Leeds for the past few months.

Met up with so many people before i departed from Singapore.
Heres a flashback of some of them:

With Lijie, Peiyin and Huitian:
Law Inc Main Committee:

With my parents' friends:

Dinner with my parents at W Hotel in Sentosa. 

Thanks to everyone that came, i thought i could be brave but i still cried when it was time to enter the departure gate. ): 

Arriving in Leeds: 

First dinner with the other Singaporean friends. 
We have become such close friends now. 

First few ootds when the weather was still manageable and when my face wasn't that fat yet. HAHA! 

First crazy night at Plaza. 
While others were out partying, we were busy having our faces drawn. HAHAHA!
6 Singaporeans arranged to stay together in a private accommodation called Plaza and Sai is one of them! 
Sai, Sophia and i visited UK in March 2013 for TP's study trip and we were roomies. 
So happy with Sai could stay with me in Leeds. (: 
My beloved sai sai~ <3 p="">

I think this was our first few drinking sessions at the pub called "The Library". 

My 1st clubbing session EVER and it had to be FOAM PARTYYYYY. 
Believe it or not, i have never clubbed in Spore before. 

First Otley run. 
It is an event where you go to many pubs and you will have to drink at every pub. The goal is to finish all the pubs sober, but i think no one has ever done it. hahaha!

Back to school party (i think):
Sunrise the next day.

Sophia came to visit from Liverpool <3 p="">

 My first attempt at baking egg tarts. I have become so good at it that i can make nutella egg tarts now :D

Visit to kirkgate market and they sell almost everything there (their local market): 
It is surprisingly clean and the smell is not as strong as Singapore's markets. 

I think i will post travels in an individual post? 
I guess it will be neater that way! (:
Yays to my first post in Leeds, overcame my laziness? XP 
I update more often on instagram @ameliazy (: 

I have also created an instagram account for @EpicFas , do support alright? 
And yes, EpicFas is still operating! (: 

Love, Amelia;

Sunday, May 26, 2013

TP Law & Management Graduation 2013 !!!

I have officially graduated !!!! YAYS!!

Thank you for the flowers my dear ARASI! (: Thank you for the wonderful memories in poly my dear friends. Thank you for the snacks from UK jiayuan, and thank you for my shoes Chan! :D

Really, a big thank you to everyone who congratulate me on happy graduation and thank you to my parents who came down. keke.
Here are some pictures of the day!

Jiaxuan (:


Some pictures before the ceremony begins:

Rasi's speech where she mentioned our names. SO TOUCHED LAH <3 p="">

A picture with my UK roomie, sai! <3 nbsp="" p="">
Soph didn't attend the graduation so no pic. ):

 A picture with internship mates, missing 2 of them here. 

Some group pictures:

Finally, a picture with my parents. It was my daddy's birthday on that day as well! 
Happy birthday to my daddy <3 p="">

I took half a day off to attend my graduation and i had to leave early because my daddy need to finish up some work. I also had to rush home to finish up some work from the law firm. Went home to chiong and finally finish up by that night for the client. Was so exhausted after that. My boss thanked me for that and at least i didn't feel like i wasted all my time on the work. I felt rewarded, even if it is only a word "thanks".

After about 3 week at work in the law firm, i am more than certain that conveyancing and civil work is not my thing. I still prefer Criminal Law. When i saw a criminal case i was so hyped up that i went to do some research on my own hoping to help the client. Even though i may not like the work i'm doing, i still enjoy part of it. I managed to get a week off in June for my BKK trip! Excited much for it. (((:

There are major updated on EpicFas and i hope it will help finance my study expenses in UK. All the best to everyone!